Living walls transform our urban environments into vibrant living places


A living wall /green wall  is: a wall with a structure that supports plant life; it usually contains places to hold soil and water, textures for plants to hold onto and grow on,  an irrigation system on the back side, and a selection of plants that are suitable for the site and are aesthetically arranged.

Why build a living wall: Green walls and green roofs can easily be installed into existing spaces and infrastructure. There are many benefits:

-They reduce the negative impact of storm-water run-off, which carry loads of pollutants into our freshwater streams and into the oceans.

- provide an urban sponge to reduce flooding,

-reduce the heat island effect that occurs in city scapes where there are lots of tarseal and dark plain surfaces,

-provide habitats for plants and mosses to grow and small creatures such as Geckos to live, -enhance conservation efforts in an urban landscape when native plants are selected

-are aesthetically beautiful and calming.