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Biodiversity in Rocky Outcrops.

The rocky outcrops of banks peninsula are home to an amazing diversity of life (see some of the plants below). Our first living wall brings that biodiversity to Christchurch City.

The  windy sun-baked site on the corner of Cashel street and High street is not unlike the harsh conditions of rocky outcrops that survive in a harsh, windy and dry environment.  

The rocky outcrops support a larger number of species. They are like a refuge, as there is not enough vegetation to take a fire up the rock faces. They manage to avoid  grazing animals and disturbances from people because of their difficulty to access. Moreover, they are a refuge because many of the species on rocky outcrops once lived in other places at lower elevations.

 They are unusual plants, as they survive in extreme weather conditions due to their exposure and rocky environment that only provides small pockets of soil and water deep below.

The North facing crops are prone to drought stress, and are different to the Southern facing plants that have more moisture.  


  Heliohebe Lauvadiana ,  photo by Alice Shanks

Heliohebe Lauvadiana, photo by Alice Shanks

  Aceana buchananii,   photo by K Lloyd

Aceana buchananii, photo by K Lloyd

 Herbert Heliohebe

Herbert Heliohebe